What is the difference between operation management and operation strategy?

If operational management is “what a company does”, strategic management is the “way it does things”. Strategic management is a process that serves to create a path that the company must head in the future. It helps the organization to find new ways to be competitive. The strategy asks what could be done to equip and transform the operating engine in order to be competitive in the long term.

Its intention is to help the organization discover new sources of competitive advantage.

Operations management

involves executing the strategy on a daily basis to achieve the desired long-term performance. If you carefully manage and maintain your operational and strategic engines, you will see that your business is clearly heading towards the destinations that are on the horizon and towards the future of your dreams. In today's competitive business world, effective managers must understand the difference between strategy and operations.

The operational workforce will largely determine whether strategic changes will succeed or fail as the operation adapts to a bold new strategic change.

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