Understanding the Three Commander Activities of the Operations Process

The operations process is a set of activities that commanders use to plan, prepare, execute and evaluate operations. It is designed to help them make timely and effective decisions and act faster than the enemy. The commander's activities during this process are focused on understanding, visualizing, describing, preparing, executing and evaluating. During the planning phase, commanders focus on understanding their operating environment (OE) and developing a conceptual and detailed plan.

This includes visualizing the final state of the operation and the operational approach, as well as articulating decisions. Preparedness consists of activities carried out by units and soldiers to improve their ability to execute an operation. SmartBooks can be used as quick reference guides during operations, as study guides in education and professional development courses, and as lesson plans and checklists to support training. Execution is the act of implementing a plan by applying combat power to accomplish the mission and adjust operations according to changes in the situation.

The speed and precision of a commander's actions to address a changing situation are key factors for agility. Evaluation is an ongoing activity that supports decision-making by determining the progress of the operation in order to develop and refine plans and make operations more effective. Commanders use this process to synchronize forces to accomplish missions. The unit's combat rhythm helps to integrate and synchronize the various processes and activities that occur within the operations process.

This helps create a pace that the enemy cannot compete with. The operations process is an essential tool for commanders to make timely decisions and act faster than their opponents. By understanding, visualizing, describing, preparing, executing and evaluating operations, commanders can ensure their forces are ready for any situation.

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